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Your Legal Guide to Building Your Business

Business Fundamentals

Back of the Napkin is a concise, easy-to-read business law course packed into less than 150 pages. You'll learn the fundamentals of building a business from the ground up.

The Good Business Lawyer

This book will teach you how to begin with the end in mind. You'll learn to build a legal foundation that will launch your company on the right path from the start from the start.

The Human Factor

You'll learn how to put people first while ensuring your roles are clearly defined from the beginning. This book will teach you how to protect yourself as well as make the most of your team.

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At a Glance

Back of the Napkin is a concise course in business law packed into less than 150 pages. Through stories and case studies, Alicia Goodrow skillfully introduces the fundamentals of building a business.

Using the simple homework and coaching tools included, you’ll learn to organize your 90-day timeline and get to the finish line on your buy-sell agreement, waterfall, and company agreement like an expert.

Back of the Napkin is an essential guide for innovators and entrepreneurs launching their first business. It is also a great resource for investors and professionals supporting start-ups, inbound companies, family offices, and private company professionals.

This book will teach you how to begin with the end in mind. You will learn how to put in place the legal foundation that will set your company on the right path while leaving you the room to be an innovative pioneer in your field. Back of the Napkin is the definitive guide to building a business.

The Good Business Lawyer


Alicia Locheed Goodrow is a creative and practical lawyer trusted and experienced with businesses of all kinds. Alicia currently works as a partner at Culhane Meadows and has worked alongside thousands of companies and entrepreneurs, offering legal counsel, planning for client success while anticipating bumps in the road. as Alicia also coaches and speaks for professional and business audiences as well as the occasional mentoring of her startups!


See what others have to say about the book!

"Awesome liaison tool between business lawyers and our start-up business clients, or even going concerns that are looking for a little more grounding! Combining the art of storytelling with her practical, down to earth, and readily accessible explanations, Alicia has produced a useful addition to the business toolkit!"

- Scarlett

"As a 12 year serial entrepreneur that has come across all sort of "resources", I have to say that this book is actually fantastic. It bridges the gap between theory and execution beautifully. The lessons are not only clever and great at simplifying complex challenges, but clearly show Alicia's depth and breadth of experience as a business coach and advisor. The best part is the work-book nature of the book, providing real time applicable tools to help actually execute on its teachings. I'll be recommending this book to all of my students and fellow entrepreneur peers."

- Franco

"Alicia Goodrow’s book is unlike any other that I’ve seen for helping entrepreneurs navigate the legal, business and personal issues when starting up a business. Her writing is clear and informative, her examples are entertaining and instructive and her worksheets are helpful for ensuring that due consideration is given to key issues."

- AnyBee


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